Developed by Fritz Von Bothmer in Stuttgart in 1921, Bothmer Movement has grown into a global phenomenon with training programmes all over the world. 

Bothmer started with one question: ‘What is true human movement?’ Out of this he developed a programme of pedagogical movements for children at different stages in their development. He also recognised the importance of holistic wellbeing and good character in the teacher and developed a range of tools to cultivate embodiment, self-awareness and inner balance in the teacher.

In 2018 graduates of the UK Bothmer programme founded the School of Human Movement with an intention to promote the course to a broader audience, particularly those seeking a sense of wellbeing in the modern world.

In the 21st century human beings experience highly stimulating and fast-paced daily lives and yet many of us lead increasingly sedentary lifestyles that are disconnected from wider communities. Bothmer Movement addresses many of these ‘modern day ills’ as people from all backgrounds and ages come together to move, play, laugh, learn, grow and change.

A typical weekend will be spent on a broad variety of activities. Using quiet meditative movement techniques we learn to move in a way that connects us to the forces of space within us and around us, (our energy body or chi). We use social games to integrate our new movement habits. For example, having learnt to keep your shoulders relaxed and free of tension, can you maintain this whilst being chased by a ‘giant’ in an exciting game? You will be taught a variety of pre sport games in which teams, tactics and ball skills usually come into the arena. From there, interspersed though the year, we introduce many different types of sport; softball, ultimate Frisbee, netball, basketball, orienteering, gymnastics. Additionally, there are some opportunities for artistic activities interspersed throughout the year; singing, nature connection and crafts.